What is Apitherapy?


10530938_686079561483227_7396024415631591014_nApitherapy is an ancient treatment method that heals and prevents many diseases. The method makes use of various products of the honeybee and specifically the bee venom.

Many components of the bee venom can usually be found in the human body, explaining the venom’s healing virtues. Bee venom can help cure hair loss, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and recent research has also proven the healing abilities for treating cancer, aids, Parkinson’s disease, muscle aches, Osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, Chronic pain syndrome, Diabetes and other.

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Apitherapy makes use of products of the beehive for curing and feeding of human beings. Already in ancient times products of the hive were used to cure various illnesses. Today, Apitherapy is common in China, Japan, Russia and Eastern Europe.

Hive products include Propolis, beeswax, bee venom, royal jelly, pollen and of course honey. All these products naturally contain the nutrients a person needs (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals). Their biological value is attributed to the large amount of enzymes, Amino acids, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory substances and hormones they consist of.

Bee venom or Bee sting Therapy

Bee venom or Bee sting Therapy is applied in cases of strong pains and is effective for the treatment of about three hundred conditions and diseases, among them: systemic infections like Arthritis and rheumatic inflammations, Osteoarthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, cancer, chronic wounds, high blood pressure, Asthma, weakness of the immune system and other chronic diseases.

The main compounds of bee venom are Melittin and Adolphin. These components have anti-inflammatory and bio-energetic features that are four times more powerful than Cortisone. Apitherapy enables the patient to rehabilitate from the addiction to synthetic drugs like steroids.

The effects of Bee venom Therapy

Venom activates the endocrine glands in the body stimulating the production of cortisone and adrenaline during at least three days. Bee venom puncture strengthens the immune and nervous systems of the body as a whole and the puncture point in particular, all without side effects and using natural ingredients.

In many cases the therapy is combined with the use of nutritional supplements from hive products as there are: pollen, Propolis, royal jelly and honey.

The therapy begins with a thorough diagnosis which takes about one hour including a detailed health and nutritional questionnaire. Following the patient will undergo an intradermal allergy test on his forearm. The test results will decide whether he is fit to continue the therapy.

The duration of the therapy is about two-three months with a frequency of once or twice a week. During the therapy the patient will be exposed to a small amount of bee venom components in increasing doses. The method used is the so-called multi-puncture (puncture at many points). In case of acute symptoms as for instance Arthritis and other systemic infections, the treatment will focus on the matching points.

Throughout the treatment period the patient is monitored by and in constant contact with the therapist.

I invite you to put aside your fear for a bee sting and to enable this miraculous creature to show you an additional way to a healthy life.

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