Beekeeping Courses

Practical BeeKeeping Courses for Urban dwellers

The purpose of these courses is to heal the bees by studying their hidden wisdom and their connection with the floral kingdom.

The courses include an overview of the bee evolution, their critical role in the floral kingdom, and the reason for their collapse. We will also be emphasizing the differences between conventional and bio-dynamic bee keeping practices.

Next, we will learn practical and bee-friendly ways to grow, maintain and preserve beehives, and how to safely harvest their honey.

We'll take a look at different bee growing methods from around the world, such as conventional beehives, African beehives, and bioDynamic beehives.  Finally, we will go out into the field in search for natural beehives and learn how to save them from collapse in their natural environment.

I invite you to join us!

Get to know the wonderful world of biodynamic beekeeping.

Read about our Unique BioDynamic Beekeeping Video CourseRead about our Unique BioDynamic Beekeeping Video Course