“From his honey as well as from his sting”

Hilmar Kuhnemann stings his patients, literally. He knows that this will benefit  them

Like every week beekeeper Riar Carlson picks between 60 to 100 bees from her bee hive, puts them in a special bag and walks very carefully to the local clinic in the town. Like every week Dr. Cocoon is expecting her, quickly he goes to her bag, chooses one bee and – holding it in his forceps – approaches the bee to the neck of the patient who suffers from multiple sclerosis. The patient is being stung but Dr. Cocoon, a world expert in Apitherapy is not surprised. And thereby ends their weekly treatment. This awkward situation did not spring of the writer’s fertile imagination but is real. It turns out that in addition to the curative qualities of bee products like pollen, Propolis, royal jelly and of course honey, also the bee sting has healing virtues.

Apitherapy – apis is Latin for bee, therapy refers of course to healing – is an ancient healing method of thousands of years, known and recognized in the Far East and Eastern Europe as for instance China, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and Bulgaria. The bee venom is mentioned in ancient (500 BC) Chinese and Indian scriptures as a healing substance.

The method is based on the idea that the timing and place where the bee chooses to sting are not accidental. The bee stings the sick and weak area of the body, the area that needs to be cured. According to for instance the Spanish method BVT (Bee Venom Therapy) the patient is placed next to a bee hive, then the therapist will knock several times on the hive and from that moment on the bees will begin the healing process, or in other words: they sting. Indeed, this does not quite sound pleasant, but it certainly is very healthy. There are of course more moderate methods, like the Japanese method, as used by yours truly. In this method the amount of stings is gradually increased and the previous stings can be moved to different meridians of the body. Many of the bee venom’s components exist and are produced on a regular basis in the human body, explaining the healing ability of the venom on our body. The sting is a hypodermic (intradermal) injector that acts independently as a separate unit from the bee. The bee venom is a mixture of many biochemical substances synergetic acting together. Among the substances we find enzymes, Polypeptides, organic compounds and Pheromones.

The combination of all the components makes the venom into a medicine that activates the circulatory system, the nervous system and the immune system to act naturally, without side effects and with high success rates.

There are many stories about people who cured themselves or who spared complex surgery thanks to bee venom. Charles March is an Apitherapist already for over 60 years. In his fascinating book he tells about a patient who was in a wheelchair for 6 years due to a serious degenerative disease in the nervous and muscular system.

The patient told that Charles was his last hope of recovery after all the professors and leading experts told there was no cure for his disease. All they were able to do for him was prescribing drugs that would make his life bearable at a certain level. After ongoing Bee Venom Therapy, as Charles explains, the patient’s wheelchair is gathering dust and the man functions “as good as new”.

Orit Kedar, with whom I had the privilege to learn Apitherpy, recovered herself from severe arthritis, after the doctors explained that there was no cure and that bee venom would not at all help. Orit too functions today without help or medication. She wrote a moving book (2) about her personal story and the recovery thanks to the bees.

The list of conditions that can be cured by bee venom is long and includes severe diseases like:

Arthritis, “tennis elbow”, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, cancer, Peripheral neuritis, muscle aches, aids, Parkinson’s disease and others.

Although the term Apitherapy refers to all curative qualities of the bee and its products, from Propolis to honey, without any doubt the use of bee stings is the most interesting.

I hereby invite you to put aside your fear for a bee sting and to enable this miraculous creature to show you an additional way to a healthy life.