Unique Gifts

All of our artisan candles are hand crafted by artist and Bees-Man, Mr. Hilmar Kuhnemann, with 100% pure natural beeswax.

Unlike standard Paraffin candles which release toxic fumes while burning, Natural Beeswax is known for its ability to absorb dirt particles from the air while at the same time, releasing over 300 essential oils and fragrances which originate in wild flowers, creating a calming scent of fresh honeydew.

The ingredients present in natural beeswax have been traditionally used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, by many different cultures. It is therefore ideal for people who suffer from allergies, Asthma and other respiratory disorders. They are also great for nighttime lighting and for creating a festive atmosphere.

The beeswax we use is harvested in our boutique Galilee Apiary, located at the picturesque Kibbutz of Harduf. Our bees are grown holistically and are treated with love and respect, following bio-dynamic practices as taught traditionally by Rudolf Steiner.

Each of our products is a representation of dedication and love to the kingdom of bees. Altogether, they make beautiful gifts for your loved ones, for holidays, birthdays, ceremonies and special occassions.