BioDynamic Beekeeping Video Course

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BioDynamic Beekeeping Video Course


Join the efforts to save the world's bees population from colony collapse and study the secret world of bees, as taught from the unique perspective of Doctor Rudolf Steiner.
Gain practical knowledge that will allow you to start a bees colony right in your backyard, without causing any harm to the bees or their habitat.
All profits from selling the course are dedicated to further research and development of sustainable beekeeping practices.

The course in open to everyone
We will appreciate donations

מק"ט: 15000 קטגוריה:

תיאור מוצר

The purpose of this course is to heal the bees by studying their hidden wisdom and their connection with the floral kingdom.

The courses include an overview of the bee evolution, their critical role in the floral kingdom, and the reason for their collapse. We will also be emphasizing the differences between conventional and bio-dynamic bee keeping practices.

Course Syllabus

Lecture 1:

The different roles bees take in the beautiful, complex and wise social structure of a bee swarm
And the relationship between bees and plant realm.

Lecture 2:

The crucial function between bees and flowers, the evolution of bees, the histoey of beekeeping and modern beekeeping, CCD / Colony Collapse Disorder, why are bees disappearing, and how can we support the bees?

Lecture 3:

Nature, as a very complex and wise entity, why du diseases appear in the first place?
What are the roles diseases fulfill? the different ways handling the diseases in a friendly way.
(viruese, Bacterium, Fungus, parasite)

Lecture 4:

How to build a hive, practical training regarding Bio Dynamic Beekeeping, how to inhabit a natural swarm in you hive, extracting honey, precaution regarding bee sting.

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